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Clear Antique Silver Disk Sequins. 24mm
Clear Green Aqua Disk Sequins. 24mm
Clear Lilac Disk Sequins. 24mm
Clear Rainbow Disk. 24mm
Clear Rainbow Red Disk Sequins. 24mm
Clear Salmon Disk Sequins. 24mm
Crystal Clear Disk. 24mm
Glossy Amethyst Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Black Sequin Disc. 24mm
Glossy Bubblegum Pink Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Cornflower Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Fawn Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Green Opal Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Lemon Sorbet Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Lilac Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Lobster Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Peaches & Cream Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Sky Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy Vanilla Disk Sequins. 24mm
Glossy White Sequin Disc. 24mm
Hologram Amazon Green Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Black Disk. 24mm
Hologram Emerald Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Fuchsia Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Gold Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Lime Green Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Peacock Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Pink Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Red Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Royal Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Silver Disk Sequins. 24mm
Hologram Sun-Shine Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matte Black Disk. 24mm
Matt Bronze Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matte Gold Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matte Gunmetal Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matte Navy Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matte Purple Disk Sequins. 24mm
Matt Silver Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Antique Silver Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Aubergine Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Bronze Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Chocolate Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Dusky Pink Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Emerald Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Forest Green Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Fuchsia Disk Sequins. 24mm
Mettalic Gold Disc Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Green Aqua Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Gunmetal Disk. 24mm
Metallic Lime Green Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Navy Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Orange Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Petrol Black Disk. 24mm
Metallic Red Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Royal Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Royal Purple Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Shocking Pink Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Silver Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Slate Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Metallic Wine Disk Sequins. 24mm
Limited Edition Midas Touch Disc Sequins - Midas Green
Satin Boy Blue Disk Sequins. 24mm
Satin Heather Disk Sequins. 24mm
  • Glossy Neon Pink
    Glossy Neon Pink
  • Hologram Pink
    Hologram Pink
  • Metallic Red
    Metallic Red
  • Glossy Neon Orange
    Glossy Neon Orange
  • Glossy Lobster
    Glossy Lobster
  • Hologram Red
    Hologram Red
  • Metallic Shocking Pink
    Metallic Shocking Pink
  • Glossy Bubblegum Pink
    Glossy Bubblegum Pink
  • Metallic Dusky Pink
    Metallic Dusky Pink
  • Clear Rainbow Red
    Clear Rainbow Red
  • Metallic Wine
    Metallic Wine
  • Metallic Orange
    Metallic Orange
  • Matte Bronze
    Matte Bronze
  • Metallic Fuchsia
    Metallic Fuchsia
  • Glossy Peaches & Cream
    Glossy Peaches & Cream
  • Matte Gold
    Matte Gold
  • Clear Salmon
    Clear Salmon
  • Metallic Gold
    Metallic Gold
  • Clear Rainbow
    Clear Rainbow
  • Glossy Vanilla
    Glossy Vanilla
  • Midas Green
    Midas Green
  • Hologram Gold
    Hologram Gold
  • Glossy Lemon Sorbet
    Glossy Lemon Sorbet
  • Glossy Green Opal
    Glossy Green Opal
  • Glossy Neon Yellow
    Glossy Neon Yellow
  • Hologram Amazon Green
    Hologram Amazon Green
  • Hologram Sun-shine
    Hologram Sun-shine
  • Metallic Lime Green
    Metallic Lime Green
  • Hologram Lime Green
    Hologram Lime Green
  • Hologram Emerald
    Hologram Emerald
  • Metallic Green Aqua
    Metallic Green Aqua
  • Metallic Emerald
    Metallic Emerald
  • Clear Green Aqua
    Clear Green Aqua
  • Hologram Peacock Blue
    Hologram Peacock Blue
  • Satin Boy Blue
    Satin Boy Blue
  • Glossy Cornflower
    Glossy Cornflower
  • Metallic Royal Blue
    Metallic Royal Blue
  • Hologram Royal Blue
    Hologram Royal Blue
  • Metallic Slate Blue
    Metallic Slate Blue
  • Matte Navy Blue
    Matte Navy Blue
  • Metallic Navy Blue
    Metallic Navy Blue
  • Metallic Petrol Black
    Metallic Petrol Black
  • Matte Black
    Matte Black
  • Clear Lilac
    Clear Lilac
  • Glossy Amethyst
    Glossy Amethyst
  • Satin Heather
    Satin Heather
  • Clear Antique Silver
    Clear Antique Silver
  • Hologram Fuchsia
    Hologram Fuchsia
  • Metallic Aubergine
    Metallic Aubergine
  • Matte Purple
    Matte Purple
  • Metallic Royal Purple
    Metallic Royal Purple
  • Glossy White
    Glossy White
  • Matte Silver
    Matte Silver
  • Metallic Silver
    Metallic Silver
  • Crystal Clear
    Crystal Clear
  • Glossy Sky Blue
    Glossy Sky Blue
  • Hologram Silver
    Hologram Silver
  • Glossy Lilac
    Glossy Lilac
  • Matte Gunmetal
    Matte Gunmetal
  • Metallic Gunmetal
    Metallic Gunmetal
  • Glossy Fawn
    Glossy Fawn
  • Metallic Antique Silver
    Metallic Antique Silver
  • Metallic Chocolate
    Metallic Chocolate
  • Glossy Black
    Glossy Black
  • Metallic Bronze
    Metallic Bronze
  • Metallic Forest Green
    Metallic Forest Green
  • Hologram Black
    Hologram Black
  • Metallic Antique Gold
    Metallic Antique Gold
  • Rainbow Yellow
    Rainbow Yellow

24mm Sparkly flat round sequins. Each sequin has a hole for easy application. Ideal embellishments for craft, fashion and soft furnishings. Product is available in 6 sizes 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 24mm Discs. Buy direct from the manufacturer and don't burn carbon miles on far east imports. Save even more using our bulk buy and wholesale offers. Made in UK.

Buy retail from £2.50, save 25% on bulk buy and save 40% on your wholesale supplies.

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Rest of World Delivery - £17.50

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Round Flat Sequins Loose 24mm

Product code: Loose Sequins - Round Flat 24mm
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