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Bio Degradable Sequins

UPDATE 19/4/2021 We will be mass producing our first prototype biodegradable sequins within the next two weeks. Available here for sale on JosyRose.com. We are so excited that after a long time in design and development, we are now at a stage to introduce our brand new plant based biodegradable sequins. The bio degradable sequins are made from a plant based film, which you can compost yourself with your usual household food items. Our compostable sequins have been under development for a while, but we are now 100% happy with the sequin prototypes and are thrilled to announce that the biodegradable sequins are now in production. At the moment we can only offer 2 shapes in a matte white finish. But we are working on creating more colours and finishes, so watch this space!
£1.95 per 1 pack of approx. 500 (3g)
£1.95 per 1 pack of approx. 1000 (4.10g)
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