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Make for Mum: Habby Necklace

Tue, 23 Feb 2016 03:30:00

Mother's Day is fast approaching. What better way to say 'i love you' to your Mum this year, by creating her this unique necklace, tailoring the fabrics, colours and beads all to your Mum's personal tastes. 

Here's How:

Cut out your desired collar shape from a sturdy felt.

Choose a collection of clear acrylic stones in a selection of shapes. Cover them with a thin chiffon material, so you can still see the facets of the gems. Gather the fabric at the back of the gem and tack it together. 

Sew the fabric covered stones onto your felt collar. Position them so that they sit slightly higher than the top edge of the collar to hide the felt.

Line up a string of multi-coloured beads made from precious stones along the bottom edge of the collar. Tack the string to the collar every 3 beads.

Fill in the gaps between the gems and beads with sew-on genuine crystal diamanté stones in clasps.

Measure a strip of black grosgrain ribbon to the length you wish your necklace to be. Cut it in half and stitch one end of each strip to the back of each tip to create the 'chain'.

Slot a ribbon end clasp onto the tip of each ribbon and close in place with a pair of jewellery pliers. Finish off with a screw clasp.