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Buy Our Biodegradable Sequins; now available online!

Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:03:00

We've Done It!

Our longstanding and loyal customer base will know that we have been punching sequins here at our London factory for generations. We are very proud of our 0% waste sequin production rates, the sequin hole creates chunky glitter and the film left around the punched sequins creates honeycomb mesh otherwise known as punchinella, but we knew we could do more.

So, we have been looking at ways to make the whole process more environmentally friendly too. For some time we have been focusing on the development of biodegradable sequins and working on many prototypes. The bio degradable sequins are made from a plant based film, which you can compost yourself with your usual household food items. We are now 100% happy with our sequin prototypes and are thrilled to announce that our first biodegradable sequins are now available to buy online!  


At the moment these sequins are primarily aimed at the crafting market, being a small star with no hole and a daisy shape. We advice gentle hand washing, but we are still developing the product as we go along, and we are hoping to be able to expand into machine washable films too. 
Next we are working on expanding the colours and styles available... so watch this space!


To view our first biodegradable sequins at our online shop, click here
Is sustainability important to you too? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.