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Bio Degradable Sequins

Fri, 07 Feb 2020 13:02:00


As you all know, we manufacture our own sequins here at our London factory. For some time we have been focusing on ways of making our production process more sustainable. Although we have long been satisfied with our 0% waste production rates (the sequin hole creates chunky glitter and the film left around the punched sequins creates honeycomb/punchinella), we have been looking at ways to make the whole process more environmentally friendly too. So, we are so excited to be at the point where we can tell you guys that we have been working on a brand new range of plant based biodegradable sequins too! 

The bio degradable sequins are made from a plant based plastic, which you can compost yourself with your usual household food items, or simply dispose of in your bin. These sequins are made from true biodegradable plastic, which will happily compost along side your cucumbers and carrot stumps! This range has been under development for a while, but we are now 100% happy with our sequin prototypes and are thrilled to announce that the biodegradable sequins are now in production! So watch this space, they will be for sale in a few months once we have stamped, photographed and catalogued them all!!

Is sustainability important to you too? We would love to hear your thoughts on this.