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Sequin Film Rainbow Project

Fri, 03 Apr 2020 17:46:00

I'm sure you will have noticed lots of rainbows popping up in people's windows since the schools closed due to lockdown. The message behind this visual display is that "after every storm comes the sun and if you’re lucky a rainbow will emerge between the clouds". Rainbows are made up of seven different vibrant and beautiful colours and never fail to lift peoples spirits. Because of this, rainbows have long been symbols of hope and inclusiveness. The idea behind the 'rainbow windows' was that children could count the rainbows they see while they are out exercising, hoping to spot new ones each day. And as adults, we can appreciate the message behind this simple show of solidarity and hope. 

Here is our rainbow window!
 So, when craft time came round again, rainbows were obviously the first thing to come to mind.
Here is my sequin film rainbow decoration, inspired by the rainbow window message. It's a cutie!
Follow the step-by-step guide below.

1) Firstly, select some rainbow coloured rolls of sequin film. I used a selection of hologram, metallic and matte finishes.

2) I drew around a small plate to create the first rainbow red layer. Then i used a compass to create the other rainbow layers, reducing each layer size by 1cm. As you can see, i sellotaped the red layer and the tape measure to the table to prevent it from sliding around. I simply stuck the layers on top of one another using double sided tape.

3) Once all the different coloured layers are stuck together, i lifted the piece off the table and cut out the very last rainbow arch, snipping through every layer in the process.

4) Next it's time to add the sequins (there's always sequins!). I used sequins from our extra sparkly hologram mixed shape pack JR02353

5) String the sequins onto cotton. I opted for coordinating coloured thread. After a bit of trial and error, i found the fastest and easiest technique is to thread the cotton through the sequin hole from front to back 2 or 3 times to anchor it into place, suspending them at intervals along the cotton. I attached them to the reverse of the rainbow with tape.

6) Next i added a glitter fabric cloud. I chose sparkly silver white JR09047 and simply stuck it to the front of the cloud with double sided tape.

My son also enjoyed pilfering the supplies and he made some fancy dress headpieces. We are all super heros now after all! We are all in this together, even if that means we have to stay apart.

Stay Safe.
Happy Crafting from Nicola and Team JR