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Glitter Tree Centre Piece

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 13:15:00

Create your own tree template. Lay it on a sheet of A4 glitter fabric, and cut around it to make the desired shape. Make a further five sections to represent the branches of the tree.

Place three of the tree sections glitter side down. Support the sections by laying a coat hanger wire down the trunk and at the foot of each tree.

Cut the wire to the required length and stick it in place using the glue gun. Postion the other side of the tree on top, glitter side out, to create three pairs of wired glittery sections.

Glue all three trees together, along the central trunks, making a fir tree shape. Stick assorted buttons onto the tips of the stems for decoration. String beads, buttons and sequins onto thin wire to create a tinsel effect, then wrap it around the tree.

Finish, by placing a diamanté button at the tree top, and a wire hook should you want to hang the decoration up. To make the tree a table centre piece, add bigger glass beads on the feet.

Tip: Make light work of tricky and time consuming applications by simply opting for a handy glue gun. Plus, if you make a mistake, the glue can usually be picked off in one chunk, and you can try again!

Create your own festive finery this Christmas, using a glitter fabric and sparkling embellishments from JosyRose.com. Here is what you will need:
6 sheets of A4, emerald green glitter fabric (jr04955)
Buttons: heart, petal, glitter
Sequin Snowflakes, silver (jr03028) 
Diamanté Flower Button (jr02000)
Glue gun (jr06941)