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Customised Diamante Face Mask

Thu, 23 Jul 2020 15:02:00

This week i had to take one of my children to an appointment where i had to wear a mask. Although I've been wearing masks regularly throughout the pandemic, this is the first time I've had to wear one in front of one of my boys. He's a little on the anxious side, so i thought if i customised my mask to make it look a little more friendly and fun, he would find it less frightening, and hopefully find the transition of me and others wearing face coverings less intimidating. 

What says fun and friendly better than a sparkly smiling teddy bear face?
I had a root around my craft box and opted for these small crystal AB diamante. They are a great choice for this project because you can attach all the stones around the darts and seams without compromising the integrity of the mask or your design. They are also fine to be hand washed at 30, as is the mask. The glue is also perfect, it drys fast and clear, but most importantly it has a little give and stretch in it, rather than drying like a hard rock.
Make a simple template to draw around, so that your design is symmetrical on both sides.
I chose these 3mm crystal AB diamante 
Apply the diamante glue into your desired shape and place the diamante on top.
Press down firmly as you go.
Use diamante glue E6000
Apply the diamante smile on both sides. 
Add a line of diamante along the front centre seam to finish your design off!
Smiling happy bear face, ready for family friendly  trip out!
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