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It's A Gem! Follow Our Guide On How To Make This Semi Precious Stone Layer Bracelet

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:06:00

Read on to see how to create our chic bracelet using semi-precious stones and sparkly 

diamanté encrusted beads.

Make the Beaded Layers: 

String of Amazonite Precious Stones (Jr04843)
String of Botswana Agate Precious Stones (Jr04861)
Jewellery Findings

1: Measure cord so it fits your wrist comfortably, allowing for an extra 10cm. Cut three lengths and tie a knot at one end of each piece. Add a crimp bead, then thread the cord through a 3-bar spacer.
2: Push another crimp onto the cord. Add the first set of beads, then finish the row with a diamanté. Double check the amount of beads used against the size of your wrist as you work. Repeat three times. 

3: When the stringing is complete, thread the remainder of the cord back through the first crimp bead, the corresponding hole on the spacer bar, then the second crimp. To secure the beads in place, squash the crimps flat using pliers. Untie, then snip off excess cord.

Make the Bracelet Charms: 

Natural Mother-of-Pearl Heart Button (Jr02026) 
Jewellery Findings

4: To create the feature charm, assemble a small length of chain using three jump rings. Thread a selection of pearl and diamanté beads onto 1” head pins. Trim away 1cm above the beads. Using pliers, bend the wire into a loop. Secure onto the chain at different heights, from smallest to largest to create a cluster effect. 

5: Finish with a mother-of-pearl heart button, securing a pendant mount through the bottom hole using pliers. Attach to the last jump ring on the chain. Add a mother-of pearl pendant mount, then hang from the bottom hole of the 3-bar spacer.

Top Tip:

Don’t be put off by the many types of  findings, look at how shop bought jewellery is constructed and use it as a guide!