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Butterfly Kisses

Mon, 08 Feb 2016 12:17:00

Create the base. Cover a haberdashery hoop with ribbon. If you don't have one you could make a hoop shape from thick wire, such as a coat hanger. Then, using sticky tape, secure a length of chunky piping cord along the wire to thicken it up. Wrap the ribbon around the hoop until it is completely covered, making sure that the ends meet at the top. I've used JR05207, a beautiful embellished sequin chiffon ribbon, adorned with intricate sequin flowers.

Now for the fun bit! Thread a selection of buttons, beads and diamanté onto some coloured craft wire. Wrap the decorated wire around the hoop. Tie a swatch ribbon in a simple knot to the top right. Add a sequin butterfly to the bottom right-hand side of the hoop and arrange a bouquet of diamanté buttons and flowers next to it, creating the main focal point.

To finish off, make a wire hanger, decorated with a range of beautiful beads. Wrap it round the top of the hoop and finish the other end with a simple finger loop.  Add a tassel to the top center. To finish, glue a blue chiffon flower at the front to hide the seams of the ribbon.
Products Used:
  • Chiffon Embellished Ribbon (Jr05207)
  • Butterfly brooch (Jr01171)
  • Daisies, pink, blue, green (Jr01652/54/55)
  • Diamanté Button (Jr04862)
  • Beads (Jr05087, Jr04848, Jr04847)
  • Buttons