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Glam Glitter Fabric Halloween Devil Mask

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 12:41:00

This ghoulish glittery mask is so easy to make!
The products you will need are:

Loosely lay the glitter fabric over the mask, feel for the eye holes & snip a cross in each socket area. 

Remove the backing and press firmly onto the mask base, start from the eyes & work your way out to the edges of the mask. Fold the 4 quarters from each eye cross through the holes, onto the back of the mask. Snip a few darts into the fabric around the edge of the mask to make folding it over easier and tidier.

Attach two pieces of ribbon to the inside of the mask, one on each edge, in line with the eye sockets. Tie these around the back of your head to figure out your required length. For extra impact, you could keep these long and thread beads onto the ends!

If you find the back of the mask a little too scratchy, line it with a slightly smaller sheet of felt, cutting out oval eye holes this time.

Construct two cone shaped horns by simply twisting the fabric, gluing it in place as you go. Square the ends off with a sharp pair of scissors. Glue gun them in place, using lots of glue!

Top it off with a feather & an acrylic stone, & voila - go & have some devilish fun!