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Spooky Cuties (wee ghostie brooches for under £5!)

14 February 2019 05:16

Hello, ghoulies and girlies!

Halloween is coming and it's a perfect excuse to get crafting. Follow these simple ten steps to make yourself your own little ghostie to celebrate the turn of the season!

Let's get started!


              • Ruler
              • Lighter
              • Scissors
              • Glue
              • White Grosgrain (16mm)
              • Coloured Double Sided Satin (7mm)
              • Googly eyes
              • Glue-on Diamante
              • Brooch pin


  • Snip your grosgrain into four pieces.
    • I went for 6cm pieces, but it depends on how big/small you want your brooch!
      • (don't worry about trailing ends, we'll get rid of them in a minute)


  • Cut a diagonal line across the bottom of your grosgrain, and seal ribbon with a lighter or other flame source.
    • I used a lighter because I like the wavy line is can produce, adding to my ghostie's spooky effect!


  • Glue your pieces together, overlapping each ribbon just before halfway.
    • You don't need lots of glue for this, just a little gem-tac does the trick.
      • Wait for the glue to dry!


  • Once the glue in dry, curve the top of your ghostie with your scissors, and seal it again with your lighter or other flame source.


  • Add your eyes!
    • I found this best to do over the joins, and then I added a tiny little bit of glue to the centre join about halfway down, just to keep it together.


  • Now for the little bow.
    • Cut about 10cm of your coloured ribbon (I went for purple!) and seal the ends.
    • The easiest way to do this bit is to cross the ribbon as shown above and glue together.
      • Wait for glue to dry.


  • Flip your ribbon over and, pinching the middle, twist it over.
    • Add a little glue over the back of your original join and stick it down.


  • Glue a diamanté of your choice to the centre of your bow.
    • Or a button! Or any sort of decoration that you see fit.


  • Press the ribbon into the top left hand corner of your ghostie and wait for it to dry.

STEP 10.

  • Finally, add your brooch pin to the back.
    • I've glued mine, but it's also possible to sew it on if you feel that's appropriate.
      • Alternatively, try hairbands or hairclips - the possibilities are endless!


And there we have it!

A quick wee ghostie brooch to put you in the mood for some Halloween crafting.

Thanks for listening!

If you have any questions, ideas, or creations of your own - feel free to send them to us at tara@josyrose.com.


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The Wonderful World of Ribbon

14 February 2019 04:44
Ribbons are an excellent way to introduce colour to a room or an item and Josy Rose has a fantastic range of ribbons suitable for all uses and all are available to order online.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected combinations of ribbons to create something really special. If you’re stuck for ideas read on and be inspired! Want to give your bedroom a new look? Why not trim plain white bed linen and curtains with blue and gingham ribbon for a fresh seaside or country look. Match them with a set of satin curtain tie backs in a wider width. Then, place a simple bow on the front of the tie back for a decoration.

Why not channel your Scottish roots with the Dress Stewart woven edge tartan ribbon, approved by the Scottish Tartans Authority this ribbon comes in red, green, and white in 5mm to 60mm widths of woven polyester.

The Grosgrain Polyester Collection is available in 6mm to 16mm widths and is ideal for dressing up towels with a grosgrain ribbon on their edge. You can also stitch the 6mm ribbon to patchwork quilts to hide the seam.

The Metallic Collection has 4mm to 60mm widths. They include a lacy fully wired delicate web trim ribbon in a metallic finish. It is great for extravagant wrapping.

The Satin Ribbon Collection comes in 3mm to 50mm widths. The ribbons are single sided and great for trimming fabrics.

The Beaded Sequin Ribbon Collection comes in 13mm to 50mm widths. They include solid and lace bands with flowers, sequins and rhinestones. They are great for making wide cuff bracelets or head bands.

The Sheer Ribbon Collection comes in 8mm to 63mm widths. The bronze organza ribbon features metallic gold stripes and is great for bow making.

The luxurious Velvet Ribbon Collection is available in 9mm to 22mm widths. The ultra soft 100% nylon velvet ribbons add touches of glamour to an item. Use velvet ribbons to trim clothes and curtains or to make rolled rosette flowers.

Josy Rose also has a special occasion ribbon section dedicated to ribbons that have been designed based on specific themes such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and Valentines. The ribbons come in 10mm to 40mm widths and are ideal for a variety of uses at those special times of the year.

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Glitter Tree Centre Piece

09 November 2017 01:15

Create your own tree template. Lay it on a sheet of A4 glitter fabric, and cut around it to make the desired shape. Make a further five sections to represent the branches of the tree.

Place three of the tree sections glitter side down. Support the sections by laying a coat hanger wire down the trunk and at the foot of each tree.

Cut the wire to the required length and stick it in place using the glue gun. Postion the other side of the tree on top, glitter side out, to create three pairs of wired glittery sections.

Glue all three trees together, along the central trunks, making a fir tree shape. Stick assorted buttons onto the tips of the stems for decoration. String beads, buttons and sequins onto thin wire to create a tinsel effect, then wrap it around the tree.

Finish, by placing a diamanté button at the tree top, and a wire hook should you want to hang the decoration up. To make the tree a table centre piece, add bigger glass beads on the feet.

Tip: Make light work of tricky and time consuming applications by simply opting for a handy glue gun. Plus, if you make a mistake, the glue can usually be picked off in one chunk, and you can try again!

Create your own festive finery this Christmas, using a glitter fabric and sparkling embellishments from JosyRose.com. Here is what you will need:
6 sheets of A4, emerald green glitter fabric (jr04955)
Buttons: heart, petal, glitter
Sequin Snowflakes, silver (jr03028) 
Diamanté Flower Button (jr02000)
Glue gun (jr06941)

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Glam Glitter Fabric Halloween Devil Mask

28 September 2017 01:41

This ghoulish glittery mask is so easy to make!
The products you will need are:

Loosely lay the glitter fabric over the mask, feel for the eye holes & snip a cross in each socket area. 

Remove the backing and press firmly onto the mask base, start from the eyes & work your way out to the edges of the mask. Fold the 4 quarters from each eye cross through the holes, onto the back of the mask. Snip a few darts into the fabric around the edge of the mask to make folding it over easier and tidier.

Attach two pieces of ribbon to the inside of the mask, one on each edge, in line with the eye sockets. Tie these around the back of your head to figure out your required length. For extra impact, you could keep these long and thread beads onto the ends!

If you find the back of the mask a little too scratchy, line it with a slightly smaller sheet of felt, cutting out oval eye holes this time.

Construct two cone shaped horns by simply twisting the fabric, gluing it in place as you go. Square the ends off with a sharp pair of scissors. Glue gun them in place, using lots of glue!

Top it off with a feather & an acrylic stone, & voila - go & have some devilish fun! 

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DIY Fashion: Embellished Denim Hot Pants

04 July 2017 05:31

Iron-on motifs, fresh and floral neckline applique and iron-on diamante and nail-heads make it super simple to refresh your summer wardrobe this season.

This week we have embellished a pair of denim shorts with coloured metallic nail heads, iron on diamante and some embroidery thread. What do you think?

Firework Design Created with Embroidery Thread & Colourful Hot-Fix Metal Nail-Heads

Shorts Embellished with 3mm Hot-Fix Crystal Diamante in a Heart Shape

To create this simple transformation we used a Kandi Kane hot-fix wand. This is the professional tool to apply hot-fix crystal diamante, pearls and nail heads. The wand heats up with two minutes making light work out of what can be a very time consuming and fiddly job! No more applying glue with tooth picks and picking the stones up with tweezers… this wand does it all for you, and without any mess!

The box includes 8 interchangeable tip sizes; 2,3,4,5,6 & 7mm, plus 4 & 9mm flat heads for nail heads, a UK plug and is CE approved.

Kandi Kane Hot-Fix Application Wand

Hot-Fix Products Available from JosyRose.com

To be used with hot-fix products as seen above, sold by JosyRose.com. Each stone or nail-head has a non-sticky back which contains hard glue activated by heat. Once heated, this glue becomes soft and will stick to almost any surface. We stock a large selection of shapes, sizes and colours o choose from.

What will you do with yours? Remember to share your creations with us!

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Arm Candy. How to Make a Bag Brooch

07 June 2017 12:11

Looking for a quick way to jazz up a favourite handbag? These gorgeous pieces are made with a little sequin and stone glamour. They're so simple to put together, all you really need to decide is which colourways you love the most! Here, shimmering gems have been covered with co-ordinating mesh fabric to give the finished piece that extra stand-out twinkle. Once attached, these brooches will transform any plain shoulder bag into designer-style arm candy. So, what are you waiting for?

  1. Sew or glue 5mm square sequins onto a piece of stiff fabric. Start from the outside and work inwards so that the sequins overlap. Leave a coin sized circle in the middle bare, as this is where the gem stones will be glued
  2. Cover a selection of different sized acrylic stones in a very thin fabric so that the stone will sparkle through. I have used coloured meshes and a light patterned fabric. Simply stretch the fabric over the gem and tack together at the back.
  3. Arrange the gems into a cluster and glue gun into the centre of your sequined base.
  4. Finish off by gluing a brooch back to the reverse

Tip! Try using some buttons, diamante or different shaped acrylic stones for a different look.

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The GRASS IS GREENER if it's Made of Sequins! Decorate a Plant Pot Tutorial.

14 May 2017 12:20

Why wait for the seeds to grow before you can enjoy your pot plants again?
Follow our step-by-step guide to customise your own plain white plan pot.

Decorate the Saucer:

  • Measure the inside circumference of the saucer & cut a strip of velvet ribbon to length leaving 2cm excess. Lay the ribbon face down & glue the tips of green tusk sequins along the length of ribbon. 
  • Once the grass strip is done, glue another length of thinner satin ribbon on top of the sequin tips to sandwich them in place for extra security.

  • Glue gun the sequined strip to the inside of the saucer, with the velvet ribbon face-out. Trim the excess length at the seam. 
  • Finish off the grass by gluing the odd yellow & red sequin daisy onto the tusks.

  • Complete the pot by sticking a length of retro polka dot ribbon around the outside using double-sided tape.
  • Tip 1: randomly place the tusks facing left & right to create a natural grassy effect
  • Tip 2: use velvet ribbon to glue the sequins to, the glue will not show through the thicker material

Decorate the Pot:

  • Measure the outside circumference of the rim of the pot & cut green rainbow ribbon to length leaving 2cm excess. Stick the ribbon to the rim & trim the excess at the seam.
  • Choose a selection of sequinned butterfly & bug appliqués like the ones below to decorate the pot. 

  • Lay each motif face down & attach random lengths of colour-coordinated wire to the back. 
  • Jazzy up the wire by wrapping it around your pencil creating a spiral effect. Or for a subtler look, thread a few green seed beads on the wire and secure in place with a small blob of clear super glue.
  • Glue gun the motif backs in place around your pot. 
  • Sandwich the wire ends to the base of the pot with another strip of ribbon. The saucer will hide this.
  • Tip: use double sided tape on satin ribbons; this avoids any lumps showing through

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How To Make A Spring Stacking Layer Bracelet

27 April 2017 02:18

This bracelet is inspired by spring time blooms and is guaranteed to uplift any outfit with its vibrant colours & happy vibes! Multiple layers make it appear like a complex piece, but in fact it is super simple as they simply stack on top of one another. Here is how we made it:

Measure your wrist & cut a piece of jewellery making jelly cord to length, allowing extra for tying the knot upon completion.

Thread a mixture of bugle beads, pearl seed beads, sequins & handmade clay flower beads onto the cord.

Tie a knot at the end & snip off the excess. For a more professional finish, use crimp beads. Thread both ends of the cord through the crimp so they are over lapping. Then flatten it with pliers to secure the cord. It makes working with slippy cords easier to handle & more secure.


Top Tips:

Try and keep to a few colours to give the piece a feeling of unity. Here we have selected red, pink, orange & yellow with a hint of green.

Create some plain beaded layers too, to help the beautifully embellished layers take centre stage.

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Spring Competition

11 April 2017 03:37

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Handmade Easter Egg Cosy

01 April 2017 09:35

Measure your egg cup. 

Select a spring coloured piece of felt and cut out two  flat-ended oval shapes, leaving enough excess for snipping the seam later on.

Mark on the felt where the stitch line should appear and hand stitch the two pieces of fabric together using embroidery thread in a coordinating colour.

You should now have a hat shape. Turn this inside out so that the seam is hidden.

Stitch some gingham ribbon around the hem and then top it off with another row of sparkly strung sequin & some feature buttons.

Iron-on, glue-on or stitch an Easter themed hot-fix motif to the front and back of the cosy.

Add further detail by embellishing the fabric around the motif with embroidered cross stitches.

To finish off, thread a marabou feather through a gap in the seam stitching and glue gun into place from the inside.

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Keep Your Treasures Safe in this Handmade Jewellery Pouch

24 March 2017 03:00

Step 1: Preparation
  • Cut 1 piece of patterned material 3 ¾” x 8” for the cover
  • Cut 1 piece of felt 3 ¾” x 8” for the inside cover
  • Cut 2 pieces of different coloured felt 3” x 6” for the pages
  • Cut 2 pieces of different coloured felt 5” x 6” for the envelope pages.
    • Fold the felt vertically in half so that you have a 5” x 3” book shape.
    • Cut the top of the front cover down so it measures 3”x 3”.
    • Cut the back cover from the top middle point, diagonally 1 ½ “ on both sides to create a point
    • You will now have 2 church shaped felt pieces
  • You can see our collection of felt sheets here: Felt Sheets

Step 2: Cover
  • Decorate the front cover with motifs, diamante, sequins & beads
  • Sandwich two 12cm lengths of satin ribbon in between the inside/outside cover on the outside middle edges
  • Stitch together the inside/outside covers, all the way around approximately one eighth from the edge anchoring the ribbon in place.
  • You can see our collection of motifs here: Applique & Motifs
  • Visit our range of diamante here: Diamante
  • Did you know we manufacture our own sequins here in the UK?! See them all here: Sequins

Step 3: Pages
  • Arrange all 4 pages in a pile, alternating the colours. Ensure that each church shaped felt piece is positioned directly behind a rectangle, with the spire on the right
  • To create the envelopes, stitch together a rectangle & church shaped felt piece along the bottom right hand side & the far hand right side. Then fold down the spire section to create the flap. Add poppas to the point of the envelope flap, & cover with a decorative buttons
  • Fold the cover in half & lay felt side up. Place the pages in the middle & anchor in place by stitching down the centre of the book


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Mother's Day Supplies

21 March 2017 11:05
Hand make something personal, unique and beautiful for Mum this Mother's Day.
Be inspired by our quality supplies here: Mother's Day Collection

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Meet Tara from Team JR & See How She is Raising Money for Macmillan

14 March 2017 01:51

Meet Tara, the lovely lady on the other end of the JR phone. 

Not only brimming with style, creativity & efficiency, but we can now add bravery & selflessness to the list too! Visit her ''Brave the Shave'' donation page to read her very honest story about her relationship wither her Nanny, filled with love & loss. 

Driven with a desire to help others, raise money for the vital service Macmillan Nurses provide and as a cathartic way to channel the emotions of her loss, she has decided to ''Brave the Shave'' and shave her head in order to raise money for the charity. "I realised that there was something that I could do to show how much her passing had changed me, how extreme the emotions of losing someone so close to you can feel".

Team JosyRose is very proud of our girl Tara. 
Please show her some support too and read her story here; 

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Spring Sunshine Inspired Bookmarks, Handmade Gifts Ideal for Mother's Day

14 March 2017 12:18
Feeling Inspired by the First Rays of Sunshine & Fresh Spring Flowers Peeping Through out of the Grey? Us Too! 

Channelling spring into our latest craft project, these gorgeous embellished bookmarks ooze sunshine vibes! Super quick and simple to make for either yourself, or a perfect handmade gift for any green-fingered Mum this Mother's Day.

1 - Simply cut a piece of satin ribbon to your desired length.

2 - Glue-gun or sew a small beaded circle or heart onto the end of the ribbon on each side, sandwiching the ribbon in between.

3 - Finish off with a stunning sequin & beaded applique. Above we opted for a flower, butterfly & bumble bee.

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It's A Gem! Follow Our Guide On How To Make This Semi Precious Stone Layer Bracelet

19 February 2017 04:06

Read on to see how to create our chic bracelet using semi-precious stones and sparkly 

diamanté encrusted beads.

Make the Beaded Layers: 

String of Amazonite Precious Stones (Jr04843)
String of Botswana Agate Precious Stones (Jr04861)
Jewellery Findings

1: Measure cord so it fits your wrist comfortably, allowing for an extra 10cm. Cut three lengths and tie a knot at one end of each piece. Add a crimp bead, then thread the cord through a 3-bar spacer.
2: Push another crimp onto the cord. Add the first set of beads, then finish the row with a diamanté. Double check the amount of beads used against the size of your wrist as you work. Repeat three times. 

3: When the stringing is complete, thread the remainder of the cord back through the first crimp bead, the corresponding hole on the spacer bar, then the second crimp. To secure the beads in place, squash the crimps flat using pliers. Untie, then snip off excess cord.

Make the Bracelet Charms: 

Natural Mother-of-Pearl Heart Button (Jr02026) 
Jewellery Findings

4: To create the feature charm, assemble a small length of chain using three jump rings. Thread a selection of pearl and diamanté beads onto 1” head pins. Trim away 1cm above the beads. Using pliers, bend the wire into a loop. Secure onto the chain at different heights, from smallest to largest to create a cluster effect. 

5: Finish with a mother-of-pearl heart button, securing a pendant mount through the bottom hole using pliers. Attach to the last jump ring on the chain. Add a mother-of pearl pendant mount, then hang from the bottom hole of the 3-bar spacer.

Top Tip:

Don’t be put off by the many types of  findings, look at how shop bought jewellery is constructed and use it as a guide!

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Valentine's Craft: Cute As A Button Wired Haberdashery Hearts

22 January 2017 03:01

These Haberdashery filled hearts are really effective and very easy to make. They can be used as a door/wall/window hanging, or you could make a smaller version to hang on a Valentine's Day card.

Simply select some coloured malleable craft wire. 
Tie the embellished wire into a circle.
Manipulate the embellished circle into a heart shape.
Add a small beaded tassel to the inner point of the heart, using the ribbon loop as a hanger.
Tip: Although the heart is embellished with lots of different beads and buttons, we have opted to use similar, complimentary coloured items, to give the piece a feeling of unity.

Check out our Valentines Day range, filled with heart shaped buttons, beads, motifs, ribbons 
and all things romantic

Say Hello to JosyRose.com

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Valentine's Day Craft Supplies with JosyRose.com

15 January 2017 04:53

We HEART haberdashery!

It's true, and you can find your true (craft) love with JosyRose.com too!
With just under one month until the big day, we have everything you need to craft something special for that someone special!

Why Not Treat Yourself?

...to a new look, a new hobby, a new wardrobe? 
Be inspired by our Lucky Dip Habby Bags bursting with sparkling surprises & tactile treats!


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Make Handmade Christmas Decorations from Sparkly Scraps

20 December 2016 11:18
Would you like to make these simple Christmas decorations using craft box scraps? 
Here's how it's done: 

I made them both following the same principles.
Firstly, make a cone shape using sequin film
Thread a section of wire through the cone opening, leaving enough length on either side to manipulate into a hanging loop at the top and fashion into fairy legs or a tree trunk at the bottom.
Attach fringing to the inside of the wide cone opening. Double sided tape works great on sequin film. Now for the fun decorating bit!

For the fairy i over layered the cone with some sequin waste punchinella which created a cute pattern for the fairy dress. I made her a sparkly pair of shoes and matching cloak made from glitter fabric, topped with little paper hands holding a heart shaped acrylic stone. Using sequin film again, i cut out some fairy wings opting for the ethereal 'Oriental' transparent film with a subtle AB finish. Then decorated them with sequins and used a paper punch to cut out a delicate wing pattern. For the face, i snipped the top off the cone and replaced it with a smaller flesh coloured card cone. Here i used small sequins cut in half for the eyes and tiny ones for cheeks and lips.  I glued it all together using a glue gun and then topped her of with a main of damson and lilac feathers!
This fairy is ready to party; I love her skinny wire legs and sparkle shoes captured mid prance!

For the tree i decorated the cone with sequins gluing the centre in place and bending the tips to make them 3D. Then i glued on some glitter fabric circles, sequins and a bow. I finished the wire with a glitter fabric plant pot at the bottom and threaded a star shaped bead through the top. 

Both decorations are super cheap to make and can be embellished with any sparkles you have in your craft box. Get creative and enjoy yourself!

Here are a few snaps of them on my tree... 

Merry Christmas from Team JR!

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Handmade Christmas Card & Tag Ideas Using Ribbon & Craft Left Overs

04 December 2016 05:10

As any enthusiastic crafter knows, we can't throw anything away and our craft stash is practically bursting at the seams!  If anybody knows about being buried alive in buttons, bling, bits and bobs all tied in a pretty bow its us! Well, here we are sharing some ideas to help you use up your ribbon scraps, check out these cute Christmas cards crafted by the JosyRose team. We simply rifled through (some) of our scraps and off cuts, separating them into bundles of festive complimentary colours. With our red and green pile of ribbons, cards, bows, trims and stray buttons we made these, we hope you like them.

First we made this super simple, yet effective, Christmas tree ribbon card:

Christmas Tree Ribbon Card
  • Simply cut some card into a large triangle. Fold it in half again and let it fall open. 
  • Now cut and tape your chosen ribbon off cuts horizontally across the opening. 
  • Overlay another piece of card on the outside (we chose to use a contrasting colour to the inside), and sandwich the raw edges of your ribbons etc neatly underneath.
  • Finish off with any spare buttons, sequins or bows to 'decorate' the ribbons branches.

Here we created this simple bauble shaped card which would also make a very fancy festive tag too! 

Christmas Bauble Tag
  • Simply draw around a cup or small plate, depending on the size of your scrap card, leaving a small wide oblong on top to attach them together. 
  • Cut it out twice, using the first piece as a template for the second piece.
  • Horizontally attach some ribbons to the front using double sided tape.
  • To make the hanging loop, sandwich a piece of ribbon between both pieces of card and glue the card together at the oblong point.

The combinations and creativity is endless. Just have fun!
Merry Christmas x

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Christmas Card Inspiration Using Glitter Fabric Die Cut Applique

27 November 2016 09:32
Cute Christmas Cards Featuring Glitter Fabric Applique, Die Cut by Team JR!

We've had some fun getting creative with our Christmas themed die cut applique, made from our ever glamorous and popular glitter fabric. Designed and manufactured by JosyRose in our London factory. 

Each pack of glittery festive die-cuts includes: gift, reindeer, bauble, snowman, stocking and Santa. Every set contains both the positive and negative silhouette shapes - totalling 12 die cuts to use on Christmas cards, decorations and gift-wrap for only 25p each! 

Gift Shaped Glitter Die Cut
Snowman Shaped Glitter Die Cut

Loving all things sparkly, we couldn't stop there! So we embellished the silhouettes with ribbons, sequins, diamante, buttons, wire and beads to make some festive Christmas cards. 
What do you think?

What will you make? 
Please do share your Christmas crafty creations with us, we would love to see!

Visit JosyRose.com or follow this link to check out these gorgeous glitter applique:

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Stunning Stud Embellished Candle Centre Piece

19 November 2016 03:30

 This is a very easy way to make an original & striking candle centrepiece


Choose a nail head with prong backs & diamante set in metal claw backs.
Select your candle & satin ribbons in complimentary colours.


  1. Using the candle as the base, simply push the prongs of the nail heads and claws of the diamante securely into the wax
  2. Following the top rim of the candle create one row of alternating nail heads & diamante
  3. Measure a strip of 15mm satin ribbon around your ribbon. Apply double sided tape to the reverse & cut the ribbon to length adding a 1cm overlap for the join
  4. Repeat the above step using 7mm ribbon in an alternating complimentary colour, making sure that the seams line up
  5. Repeat step 2 following the edge of the ribbon to achieve a straight line
  6. Add one row of square nail heads leaving a small gap between each
  7. Repeat step 4 using the edge of the square nail heads as a line guide
  8. Starting from the bottom of the candle, repeat steps 1-7 again until you have two equally sized/spaced blocks of embellishment with a large gap in the centre
  9. Select a wide satin ribbon and tie in a decorative bow. Snip the ends into points using a sharp pair of scissors

Tip: If you wish to create a distinct pattern, score the design into the wax with a pin before you start.

Products Information

Jr05370 Gilt SquareBrushed Nail Heads.
Jr05422 Gilt Seed PodRound Nail Heads

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Craft Cheats Beautiful Beaded Napkin Rings

13 November 2016 01:06
  1. Choose one of the colour combinations from our beautiful collection of pre-beaded wires. These cheap & cheerful pre-beaded wires can be used as bag handles, curtain tiebacks, jewellery… the choice is yours!
  2. Choose any ribbon that is approximately 7mm wide. Cut ribbon to approx 30cm
  1. Bend the wire twice round into a circle so that the end loops are in line with each other with one small matte gold bead in-between
  2. Using a pair of round nosed pliers, slightly open the end loops out enough to easily thread through your ribbon of choice
  3. Thread the ribbon upwards through the bottom loop over the back of the matt gold bead. Then bring the ribbon down over the front & twist back around the reverse of the bead & then up again through the top loop
  4. Bring the ends of the ribbon together at the front of your napkin ring & tie into a decorative bow. Snip the ends of the ribbon to tidy up any fraying
Tip: I have teamed together complimentary ribbons to match the colour of the beads. You could try using contrasting colours for a whole different effect. Red ribbon on green beaded napkin rings would look fab on the Xmas table!

Products Used

Jr01812 Peach & Topaz Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01813 Grey & Topaz Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01814 Olive Beaded Wire £1.90 each
Jr01813 AmethystBeaded Wire £1.90 each

Jr03857 Blackberry Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03863 Moonlight Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03845 Cypress Satin Ribbon. 7mm £0.21 per metre
Jr03824 Sable SatinRibbon. 7mm 0.21 per metre

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How to Make a Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Collection Tub

16 October 2016 02:51
Who says Halloween can't be glam?
Read our step by step guide how to make this super cute trick or treat candy collecting tub.


Sandwich back-to-back, sparkly side out, 2 sheets of A4 orange & black glitter fabric. Glue in place.

With a standard hole punch, cut out one row of holes along one long edge. This will form the rim of your tub, where you thread the ribbons through.

Cut a mixture of orange, black, purple & green ribbons to different lengths.

Thread decorative beads onto a piece of strong malleable wire to make a handle.

On the reverse of a piece of glitter fabric draw a circle using a compass set at 57.10mm mm radius. Cut the circle out of the fabric with a pair of sharp scissors. Draw another circle in the middle - compass setting: 47.10mm. Now, at 1cm intervals cut from the outside edge inwards to the inner circle/line creating a fringe. This will form the base of your bucket.


Glue our black distressed lace trimming around the long edge of the glitter fabric sandwich which has the holes

Tie the contrasting ribbons through the holes & knot in place.

Bend the fabric round so that the ends butt together to create a cylinder shape. Glue into place and cover join with a piece of decorative ribbon

Now slide the base into place & fold the cut sections up onto the inside cylinder walls. Glue in place.

Thread the handle through opposite points of the ribbon rim and tie in place.

Finish the rim off with a row of black & white strung sequin. Glue in place.

Top off with an oversized orange plastic button

Tip: It doesn’t matter if the ribbons fray – this will add to the look!
All items available from JosyRose.com

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